Winter Wars East Team List Released

by Tim McManus

Please see attached team list. Please let me know if your team is misplaced, not listed with the correct name etc…. As you can see we are PACKED with the largest Winter Wars tourney we have ever had with over 130 teams!  It is incredible to see the team list we have this year and we are very excited and proud to bring the best winter tourney of the year to Pennsylvania again!

We just want to remind everyone of the same scheduling situations we run into each year, so there are no issues.  Games will start first thing Fri morning (possibly as early as 6am) so teams that are traveling in should plan ahead.  We will play full Fri, Sat and Sun that weekend.  Games will be held at the Sportsplex, NERC and Marple facilities as we have each year.  More games then ever will be held at Marple in order to fit in all of the games.  Please DO NOT request not to play early, not to play late, or not to play at certain facilities.  I do not mean to sound insensitive but any requests will fall on deaf ears, as we will not be able to work around requests.  We all would love to play every game at noon and 3pm on the same rink, I get it.

Please pretend for this weekend you are playing at an ice hockey, soccer, lacrosse or basketball tourney where you would never ask for a request :)

All youth divisions (18u and younger) can play anytime early on Friday.  All adult divisions will start after 5pm and run late on Friday.

We truly appreciate all of the players and teams coming out to play in the best tourney of the year (except for State Wars of course), we work hard to make this a memorable weekend for all of your families and friends!

Winter Wars East Team List