Welcome the Grizzlies & Wings!

by Tim McManus

State Wars Hockey wants to welcome the final two teams for the Pama Pro Invitational this summer. The Alkali Grizzlies and Envious Gamewear Wings have both been invited to play in the strongest Pro division of the summer!

Both programs have deep roots in the sport and have been proven to be tough competitors in the past. We are looking forward to having the Alkali Grizzlies and Envious Gamewear Wings enter our PAMA Pro Division this summer in Fort Wayne. 

Alkali Grizzlies

The Alkali Grizzlies have been waiting for a chance to play in this division for a long time and now their wish has come true. Coaches Denis Jelcic and Andrew Oddo have presented us with a very solid roster and we think that they can compete against the best teams in the world. 

Players to watch:

Robbie Fulton: Fulton will come into this event as one of the older vets on the team. He is a well rounded player that plays both ends of the rink. Fulton will grind it out every shift he is out on the tile and will leave everything he has on the rink . We expect him to quarter back the play for the Grizzlies and lead the charge for his team.

Derek Schultz: Derek has some Pama Pro experience and has also played for Team USA at the World Championships.  "Schultzy" is a scrappy player who goes 110 mph. He isn't afraid to go into the corners and will do anything to get a loose puck. You will definitely know when Derek is on the rink!

Casey Escarcega: Escarcega, a native to San Diego has been around the Pro circuit for a long time now and kind of took a little hiatus from national events. Well, he is back and ready to show off his skills again! Casey was a member of the Lindenwood University Lions and has also played with the Tour Mudcats. After college, Escarcega also played some professional roller hockey in Paris, France. Not only will Casey bring experience but he has a lethal shot and is an incredible play maker. 

Envious Gamewear Wings

Head coach, Erik Haak has been at it for along time and has coached a ton of his players since they were just young kids. Haak was part of the first ever PAMA Pro Invitational where he coached GO WITH THE FRO. The Wings will have a deep and experienced team with some very high end players.

Players to watch:

Chris Kendall: Kendall is a long time State Wars player who grew up playing for Team New York. Chris is another reliable player who just knows how to get the job done. Kendall's best attributes are his touch around the net and his knack of scoring goals. He is a very tall player who uses his size and reach to his advantage. He is a goalies worst nightmare!

Tommy McCollum: Not many players can say that they have lived out their childhood dream in playing in the NHL. Netminder Tommy McCollum is one of those guys who can cross that off his list. Tommy has many years of professional ice hockey experience and has suited up for the Detroit Redwings. Not only does McCollum have a deep ice hockey resume but he is a true roller hockey player who has played the game since he was a kid. Don't think roller hockey has ruined his ice game!

Tyler Walser: Not many pure goal scorers like Tyler Wasler! Walser has been around the game for a long time and also played some professional roller hockey overseas in France. After starting a family, Walser took a little time off from the roller hockey circuit. However, I wouldn't be questioning his game. Walser is a personal trainer and seems to be in the best shape of his life. Walser will definitely be putting some pucks in the net this summer.

PAMA Pro Invitational Team List (no particular order)

  • Alkali Grizzlies
  • Alkali RPD
  • Envious Gamewear Wings
  • Konixx Pure
  • Labeda Shakers
  • Mission Bauer Bordercats
  • Mission Black Ice
  • Mission Labeda Snipers
  • PAMA Labeda Golden Knights
  • Rink Rat
  • Tour Mudcats
  • Tour Road Runners