Teams Accepted for the PAMA Pro Play-In Qualifier

by Greg Thompson

Congratulations to the 8 teams accepted to participate in the the PAMA Pro ‘Play In’ taking place at State Wars on Thur July 25. 
Teams will be divided into 2 pools and will play 3 games on Thursday, July 25th. The 1st place team in each pool will move on to the PAMA Pro Invitational the next day.
The 6 teams that do not advance, will all play another round robin game on Friday and then begin a playoff round that all teams will play in. Games will continue Fri and Sat for those that advance to last day.
The 8 teams accepted are :
Carshield Blast
Champion Wheelers
Labeda Blood & Feathers
Rinkster Propel
Team Kemistry
Unify Konixx Black Ice 2.0