Stilmat 'The Official PUCK of State Wars' is now available!

by Tim McManus

State Wars Hockey is proud to announce that Stilmat will now be the official puck of our tournaments. "As we have transitioned to using the incredible Stilmat floor at State Wars it only makes sense to use the Stilmat puck which has been specifically designed for peak performance on their floors" said Tim McManus, President of State Wars Hockey. Use of the Stilmat puck was first unveiled this past summer at State Wars in all of the adult divisions and the feedback was nothing short of incredible. The puck is slightly heavier but most importantly it doesn't bounce and roll like many roller pucks which allows for faster and more exciting game play. Considering that the majority of youth players playing at State Wars also play ice hockey, the Stilmat puck will offer an easier transition to the sport.

Brandon Hawkins (Mission Labeda Snipers / AHL-Hartford Wolfpack) "The puck alone makes the game faster and is a perfect fit with the floor! The game just keeps getting better and the puck is a great addition to it!” 

Travis Noe (Captain Team USA / Pama Labeda Golden Knights) "I loved the transition to Stilmat this summer, it glides smoothly, much like on ice. It has a more consistent feel, less bouncy, more reliable on one timers and shots. It's a game changer that lets guys compete at the highest level."

We have received numerous emails and calls asking where to get the Stilmat puck. We are excited to be distributing the puck here in the US for Stilmat. If interested in getting pucks please visit this LINK. We currently have a limited supply with a major shipment arriving in December. Make sure to check out the site and get your hands on THE best puck in the game!

If interested in the Stilmat floor or pucks please reach out to

To learn more about the Stilmat floor check out their website HERE