State Wars Hockey Update

by Tim McManus

To all parents, players, families and fans,

We at State Wars Hockey first and foremost want to wish good health and safety to all of you during this nerve wracking and confusing time.  I hope that we all follow the guidelines set out to all of us to help bring some closure to this issue going on around the world.  Throughout the month of March we have little going on here but of course April and May bring about a busy time.  We are still unsure where things will be at a month from now, we can only hope and pray for good news down the road and a return to more normal things for us all.

We will keep you all updated on future tryouts and events.  For anyone that has registered for a tryout of course if it were cancelled indefinitely you would be fully refunded, please don't worry about that.

We 100% plan on holding State Wars this late July and August in Michigan this summer.  We may have to get a little more creative in some things that we do if things get later in the year but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.  We do still plan on having the best hockey tourney of the year and bringing some normalcy and fun to our kids and players.

Please be patient with us over the next two weeks while we also deal with families and real life.  Look for an update from me at the end of the month.

All the best to you all and I pray for health for everyone and their loved ones!

Tim McManus