State Wars Adding 55+ Division This Summer

by Tim McManus

Excited to be adding the 55+ division this summer at State Wars, sponsored by 'Depends Diapers' and 'Viagra'.  In all seriousness, we are proud to offer a very competitive division for so many great players still loving to travel and enjoying the State Wars atmosphere.  We are already hearing from teams all around the United States and expect to see an awesome inaugural division unveiled in Missouri this summer.

The 55+ division will play July 31 - August 2 at the St Peters Rec Plex in Missouri this coming summer.

Each team is allowed to have up to two players who are just 50+ and a goalie must be at least 45 years of age to play.  All state/provincial roster rules will apply.

Just like with 35+ and 45+, this is one of the rare divisions that the rookies are the best players!

For more info please reach out to

See you soon!

Tim McManus