Rule Change to Senior AA Division

by Greg Thompson

After much internal discussion and talks over the last couple of years with Senior AA team captains we have decided to add new roster rules to the division.  We recognize that with State Wars being held in specific states each year, those states have always had an advantage of not having to have “pro” players traveling far to come back to also play in the Senior AA division.  We also recognize that some state don’t even have the same higher end pro players as others.  So moving forward here are the rules concerning the Senior AA division.

  • Every team has ONE (1) open roster spot that can be used for a PRO Player (this means a player on a roster for that current State Wars PAMA Pro Invitational division).
    • This roster spot will not have any residency restrictions on it.  So a Senior AA team from Wisconsin may use this roster spot by a player who lives outside of Wisconsin.
    • If a team rosters a PRO player that fulfills their one open roster spot and cannot also add an out of state player.  It is one or the other.
  • A team doesn’t have to use this spot for a current Pro player but can just select to use any player outside of their home state.
  • Goalies : as always goalies do NOT have to live in the same state as the team.  But if the goalie selected is a rostered PAMA Pro player, that player will count as the one open roster spot for the team.
    • Example A : Team NY uses Kevin Dwyer (who lives in Colorado) but is rostered in the PAMA Pro for the Mission Labeda Snipers.  The Team NY cannot add any other Pro or out of state players to their roster.
    • Example B : Team NY uses Zack Lane (who lives in Illinois) as their goalie but he is NOT rostered on a PAMA Pro roster, then they can also use Joey DiMartino who is rostered for the Tour Road Runners as their Pro player.

When filling out your team roster, captains must make note who the player they are using for this ONE open roster spot is.  This rule is in place to add more competitiveness amongst more teams to this division and have everyone on an equal recruiting field.

The Senior AA division will play August 1-3, 2024 at State Wars in St.Peters, Missouri