Please Help our friend Kyle Sipperley!

by Tim McManus

For those of you who don't know, our friend Kyle Sipperley had to undergo a very serious brain tumor removal surgery in 2016. Kyle had a long hard recovery but he did eventually fully recover and has been living his life to the fullest for the last year.


Unfortunately Kyle had another set of scans done a couple weeks back and the the doctors found another tumor. He is having surgery on Monday September 23rd and it’s going to be a risky one. The tumor looks to be wrapped in with a blood vessel which will make it very hard to get out, and if he isn’t able to remove the tumor without causing damage to the blood vessel he will close him back up. At that point the first step would be to let the tumor grow for another couple of months, so it would be big enough to start removing pieces that grew out away from the blood vessel in hopes the rest would come off at the same time. If that doesn’t work,  he will have to have radiation, which would be about a year from now. That’s worst case. Biggest worry from the surgeon is any damage to a blood vessel has a high risk of causing a stroke, and he would lose all motor functions on the right side, the surgeon believes recovery will be 7-10 weeks, but he wouldn’t be surprised if it takes up to 13.

Kyle will have to be off of work for many months and will have a lot of medical expenses coming his way. Anything that you donate, Kyle and his family would greatly appreciate more than you could ever imagine.

Please keep Kyle and the Sipperley family in your prayers!