PAMA Pro Qualifier Play-In

by Greg Thompson

Each year the top 8 teams from the year prior automatically cement a spot into the PAMA Pro Invitational. Filling the remaining spots is also difficult with so much unknown and let’s be honest it’s hard to compare two teams without seeing them play each other. So we have now taken the guess work out of things. 

Introducing the PAMA Pro Qualifier Play-In. 8 teams will be accepted to play in this battle that will take place July 25th at State Wars, the day before the Invitational begins. All teams will play 3 games with the top 2 teams receiving a ‘play-in’ to the sports top Pro division. The remaining teams will play out in their own ‘Tier 2 Pro’ bracket towards their own championship and money prize. Who will win this battle and qualify to play in the PAMA Pro Invitational???