PAMA Pro Invitational Qualifier

by Tim McManus

We are very excited to announce some major news regarding the PAMA Pro Invitational and how to qualify.  As you know 8 teams are already qualified to play in the worlds top Pro division this summer at State Wars, the PAMA Pro Invitational.  These teams below have seeded into the tournament based on last years results :

  • #1 Mission Labeda Snipers
  • #2 Pama Labeda Golden Knights
  • #3 Tour Road Runners
  • #4 Unify Champion Black Ice
  • #5 Konixx
  • #6 Rinxster
  • #7 Marsblade R1
  • #8 Rink Rat

We now have 4 open spots for the division, not counting any international teams that may be accepted in as we have heard from teams from Czech and Sweden with interest as well.

Instead of just accepting 4 teams based on rosters we have decided to host our first ever ‘PAMA Pro Qualifier” which will be held Sat June 11th and Sun June 12th during the East Coast SummerSlam at Skate Safe America in Long Island, NY.  We have already received interest from roughly 10 teams wanting a bid to get into State Wars this summer.  Rather than have to go thru looking at rosters and selecting all teams based on a piece of paper, we want the teams to get in based on their own merit.  This qualifier will give out a minimum of 2 if not all 4 spots to enter the PAMA Pro Invitational.  Only 12 teams will be accepted to compete in this qualifier.

Below are the rules:

  • Entry fee is only $500
  • Based on 12 teams, we will have 3 brackets of 4 teams.  Teams will play all teams in their bracket (3 round robin games)
  • The top 2 teams from each bracket will qualify for the playoff round and play single elimination.
  • The two teams who reach the championship game will receive bids to the PAMA Pro Invitational this summer at State Wars.
  • Based on the competition we may accept the two teams who also just qualify for the semi final rounds (and lose).
  • None of the 8 pre qualified teams may compete in division
  • Rosters are limited to players who are NOT currently playing on one of the 8 pre qualified accepted teams rosters.
  • Any player who played last year on a team that qualified in the top 8, may receive a release from that team in writing to play on a new team in this tourney.  That player would then be locked to this new roster if they qualify.
  • Any players who play in this qualifier but do not receive a bid to State Wars, will become a free agent for any other teams to pick up.
  • Deadline to register is May 1st

Click HERE to register