Important Info Regarding State Wars 2020

by Tim McManus

First off and most importantly we hope that you and yours are doing well during this crazy time. We know like the rest of you, we have thoroughly enjoyed this extra time with our family but we are definitely ready to get back to ‘normal’ and enjoying many of the things many of us take for granted. One of those is playing some puck! As all of sports and business has been affected this year, we at State Wars Hockey have had to make some decisions that best suit where we are at today.  

Below you will see some changes we are making for this summer, these will be just for 2020 as we will return to our normal format in 2021.  Please read below and let me know if you have any questions.


  • We will NOT be holding tryouts this year
  • State Wars will be OPEN to any team wishing to come play this year (coach will hand select their own team)
  • Teams will wear their OWN uniform
  • All players MUST still live in the same state/province for the team they are playing with (for all North American teams).  The only exception to this rule is a goalie
  • Teams will go by their own team name along with the state/province they represent.  Example : NY Mission Snipers or CA Bulldogs
  • Coach/Manager/Captain will register the team at this link.  Cost is $1000 for a team entry fee. REGISTER HERE
  • Registration deadline will be June 14th
  • Teams will be guaranteed to play 4 games minimum
  • Teams MUST have matching home AND away jerseys.
  • Any team needing help with jerseys we can help coordinate with you along with one of our vendors

The reason for this adjustments below simply come down to time and efficiency. We will not be able to hold tryouts in the short window we hope to be allocated once we are free to go about our lives. And in that short time, we definitely will not be able to order the thousands of custom uniforms we normally do over the course of our tryout season.

The good news is, this adjustment does lower the cost for players and families.  The average cost per player will be roughly $110 to play this year.  And we also were able to adjust our block dates some so that now all youth divisions will have a 3 day block (as opposed to 4) so families will have to spend less time away and at a hotel.  Here is a link to the revised block schedule.

Everything else we have all come to love at State Wars will be the same.  We will continue to live stream all games for free, have award shows & skills comps and most importantly running the biggest and best hockey event of the year!

For those that have registered for tryouts, if that player is going to be playing on a team we will be able to apply the fee that already paid towards your team fee.  More info to come on this.

We know there is still some unknown out there in the world but we are confident that things will get better and we will see many of you in Michigan this summer!  Please let us know what questions you may have.