Bonjour PAMA Pro Invitational

by Greg Thompson

The PAMA Pro Invitational just got that much better! We are thrilled to announce that Team France will be joining us this summer in St. Peters, MO. The Men's French National team has always been known as one of the best teams in the world and are always in the mix at the World Championships. "To have such a high profile juggernaut come out to State Wars is going to be an awesome addition to the event. Spectators will be very impressed with their level of play and professionalism, said Greg Thompson (National Director, State Wars Hockey).

"We are very excited to participate at State Wars this summer. Competing at State Wars is the perfect fit for our group of players. Our team is young and talented, but they need more experience and learn how details matter at the highest level. What else than the Pama Pro Invitational to prove that point!" - Hugo Rebuffet, Team France Assistant Coach.

President Tim McManus had this to say, “Players and teams all across North America have recognized the PAMA Pro Invitational as THE top pro division in the sport. It is terrific to see that recognition reach to all parts of the world. I am very excited to have Team France in the mix this summer"

Rebuffet also added,"We are convinced that it will be the perfect preparation for the incoming World Championship in September. We have between 4 and 5 camps per year, to prepare for the international stage. Because it was important for us to come at State Wars, we had to make some sacrifices and cut our camps to 3. In July we will start our preparation for the Pama Pro Invitational and the World Championships. Following State Wars, we will head straight to Switzerland to play friendly games against Switzerland and Italy."

Players from the French National team are selected from their league, Ligue Elite. All of the games are streamed live on YouTube so that plays a huge help for the selection process. "We invite to camp every player that we deemed good to be watched. Then after camps, we make a first selection. During camps, our main goal, is individual skills as well as systems. We are known to be a good system team and we are doing our best to keep it that way. We try to record every game so we can study before and after. This is Head Coach Geffroy Tijou's specialty!" 

We are very thankful for the opportunity to come play at Pama Pro at State Wars this summer. See you this summer in Saint Louis (Hugo Rebuffet).