2024 State Wars 20 Schedule Released!

by Greg Thompson

Here is the LINK for the State Wars 20th Anniversary Tournament schedule.  All I can say is wow was this a difficult schedule to put together.  With a record 384 teams playing 1075 games over 14 days covering three different facilities it was a bear to organize.  I can honestly say that I have spent roughly 125 hours putting this all together, so please do not send an email asking for changes, they will be ignored.  Unless you see an error, meaning your team doesn’t have enough games or has too many or you are playing the same team twice, please do not email us.
All teams should make sure to have asst coaches to help out and back up goalies listed on rosters to help with any conflicts, especially during the playoffs when scheduling can be a factor.
We made sure that all teams play at least half but most times more of their games at the St Peters Rec Plex but there are quite a lot of games being held at the very awesome Vetta 70- facility, which is only 15 minutes away and houses two very nice rinks with Stilmat flooring!  One day, we also will hold some games at the All American facility, which is a little further but another great Missouri year round facility with a Stilmat floor as well.
Over the next day or two as I now catch my breath, we will send out more detailed info with rules etc…. I will send out the coaches/managers/captains meeting schedule tomorrow as well.

More to follow….good luck to all!