2023 State Wars 19 Schedule

by Greg Thompson

We hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July festivities and looking forward to another amazing State Wars Hockey experience.  Here you will find the LINK to the complete game schedule.  Over 800 games will be played by 283 teams over 14 days at the SportONE Parkview Icehouse.  It is no easy task as it is all done manually and with a ton of TLC.  Please please please do not email us asking to make a ‘simple change’ that may make your specific schedule easier. Every change is a domino effect to all other games.  Unless an error was made changes will not be made and those emails will simply be ignored.  By lowering the block dates from 4 dates to 3 for most divisions, it allowed families to spend one less night away but with that it meant a very condensed schedule and later playoff games on day 3 for those that advance far.

We know that some players play on multiple teams and we try our best to work around it all but sometimes it is impossible.  Also all coaches should have asst coaches to help them in case of conflicts.  Games will start on time on scheduled game times, not early!

See you in Fort Wayne!