by Greg Thompson

As we prepare for 2023 and our mid season tournaments I wanted to send updated info for State Wars as we receive a ton of questions so I wanted everyone to be advised of the rules etc.  We are excited after a 3 year hiatus to get back to some of the things that we created with State Wars back in 2005 and helped pave the way to make it the biggest and best inline hockey event in the world.  We also understand that during the pandemic some coaches/families did enjoy the process of entering their own team.  This year is a bit of a hybrid year for us as we pave the way towards the future and here is info you need to know.
We will be announcing tryout dates all across North America, here players will have the opportunity to tryout for their state or provincial team and be selected by the tryout staff to play on a team at State Wars.  This is the main way players will participate and again the way that State Wars started.  We love the concept of players from all over the state being able to tryout and play with other players from all over their state/province.  We also love the fact that you are not relying on an entire team to come play but your own child.  The state tryout cost will be $60, this will cover the 2 hour tryout and all players will receive a tryout jersey.  Any player not selected for a team by the tryout staff will receive a full refund of the tryout fee.
If selected the same fee from back in 2019 will apply to all players, the cost is $310.  This fee covers :
  • Entry into State Wars (5 game minimum)
  • Custom team home AND away jerseys
  • Custom State Wars Hockey pants
  • Free link to watch ALL rinks live at State Wars (livestream)
For others there is still the opportunity for a coach to select and organize their own state team to participate.  All players on the team (except goalie) must live in the same state.  All players on these teams will still pay the same fee ($310) and receive the same as the other players.  All players will still receive the state team uniform and pants, along with the livestream link. Youth teams will not wear their own personal uniforms.  All youth teams at State Wars will wear the custom brand new uniform, which is one of the many aspects that everyone lived about State Wars, that we have missed over the past few year.
I have attached a pic of the new State Wars Hockey pants and an example of a custom jersey (missing sponsor logos etc…). If a club has a logo they use for their own teams, we would be willing to use that logo as one of our logos on the shoulder of that teams specific jersey (art must be supplied to us).
**If a player plays for more than one team, the cost is just $150 for additional teams, as they all not need another uniform**
We are in the process of updating our website which will be open for individual tryout registration and team registration.  Any questions please contact me directly!