2023 Nashy Cup III (Adults Only Event)

Here is the LINK to the NASHTY Cup III schedule.  We did our best to accommodate teams and have a schedule that still allows plenty of room for some fun away from the rink!  Please do not ask to change game times.

Every team plays a guaranteed 4 games.  All will play 3 round robin games Fri/Sat and then everyone qualifies for playoffs that start on Sunday.  We will send specific tournament rules as we get closer.

More importantly, here is the LINK to the waiver/RHA page.  ALL PLAYERS must fill this out.  RHA insurance expired on Aug 31st so everyone needs to re sign up for this, you can do a $15 weekend pass online or at the same link register for the $35 yearly pass (will last until Aug 31, 2024).  So if you plan to play in other RHA events during the year (State Wars, NARCh or TORHS tournaments) then the yearly is probably the smart move to be done with it for the year. No player is allowed on the rink without completing waiver and RHA.  If you play for more than one team, you only need to do this once.

  • No skater may play in Senior AA and Senior A divisions at NASHTY Cup. (Goalies only exception)

  • We do have a couple of host hotels that are good rates and minutes from the rink.  They are great spots to stay.  

  • If anyone wants to buy STILMAT PUCKS for the tourney you can do so at this LINK or if you want us to bring to the event for you we can as well.

See you soon!